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Young, politically engaged lefties have a serious image problem. We’re perceived as being censorious, shallow, shrill, sanctimonious, and most damning of all, humourless.

Fuck that. Our generation is not apathetic; it’s powerfully politically progressive, so much so that it mostly refuses to even bother engaging with the establishment.

The Stepford Student is a publication for us.

We’re bored of being patronised by smug right wing pundits. We’re sick of being admonished for not caring enough about politics to have an opinion, but then the moment we present one having it laughed off as naive.

Ah, youth.

Underlying the establishment’s dismissal of idealistic young people is fear. The right fear our passion, our rage, our untempered, bright-eyed questioning. They fear the inevitability of our maturation and their obsolescence. Our lack of experience and naivety is what makes us so powerful. We are not hollowed out with despair at the futility of effecting change; we wield our cynicism as a precise weapon, rather than being castrated by it.

And we have fun. We are the generation of Buzzfeed and Taylor Swift, and quite frankly we couldn’t give a single rancid shit that you think that makes us unworthy of  respect. Blank Space is a fucking tune.

We are deadly serious.

We’re sick of The Guardian and the New Statesman being our default media outlets just because they’re the only choice. They’re staid and outdated, bloated with self-importance.

We like Vice. We like the early seasons of The West Wing.

We will almost certainly grow up and become the exact thing we despise. But maybe we won’t.

We believe there’s still a sliver of hope, that young people have a genuine sense of fairness and an understanding that the world is twisted and broken in so many ways.

We want to make a futile, unabashedly pointless attempt at maybe slightly changing that.

Join us.

Or at least share one of our articles whilst you procrastinate.

  • DaveAtherton20

    I think you are missing the point all those “patronis(ing)…smug right wing pundits” just want free speech and debate. Not a censorious, sterile world of political correctness.

    • LuluB

      It’s the unbearable paranoia of the self-absorbed. They’re drowning in their own guilty projection.

      • DaveAtherton20

        ….and pretentious drivel.

        • LuluB

          What happens if the most pretentious actually become the best at pretentiousness and generate distinction, that way, though? Does that make them superior in this regard?

          These social justice activists are actually really good at nonsense spinning. They can design an argument based on the colors of a “Bazooka” bubblegum wrapper sending subconsciously racist messages to gum chewers ;).

          • DaveAtherton20

            A meritocracy is best achieved by being able to communicate at a level that is generally understood. So therefore most will live in an abstract bubble that few understand and invites derision.

            When I was a kid my favo(u)rite sweet were Blackjacks. So my impression of African-Americans is very positive. 😉

  • http://www.DonnaEdmunds.com/ Donna InSussex

    hahaha, this is hilarious! Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh this morning.

  • LuluB

    “…we will suck the life-force from your feeble, gasping lungs, to fuel our rage because our voices are the only ones that require oxygen, our egomaniacal tendency to determine who ‘lives’ online with our collective ‘thumbs-up’ or ‘thumbs-down’ is our birthright. Forget dialogue. Forget debate. Forget that we tout something called ‘lived experience’ as that which signifies inherent authority on a topic of social justice; yet, contradict that very concept by disregarding old people’s perspectives as the useless ramblings of spent nothings. We breathe together as one being!… ‘And I call on you, spirits of the dead; and on you, wandering ministers of vengeance, to aid and conduct me in my work. Let the cursed and hellish monster drink deep of agony; let him feel the despair that now torments me. (okay, that last bit was from ‘Frankenstein’)…”

    There’s nothing to fear, when you wield a sound idea. Even those wicked, wicked righties can’t touch it.

  • This makes no sense.

    Is this a Neo

  • Stepford TAB

    More like the Stepford TAB amirite?